Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday Night Meanderings

Just sitting here at my computer, reading e-mail, etc., knitting and meandering. How can I knit and read and think at the same time? It's easy when your as multi-functioned as I am (bragging, no less).

While I'm doing all the above, I'm also thinking of what kind of binding I'm going to use on my new wall hanging that I just finished quilting.

And, BTW, I am knitting a warm winter cardigan in a color called "Rouge" by Bernat. It's a soft Chunky Yarn that is knitted on smaller needles to give it a lot of body and warmth. It's pretty. How can I tell when all I have done is 2 inches? Oh, I can, believe me. The feel, the color, it all makes me feel so good.

It's so quiet here in my den at my computer, sticks in hand. No noisy TV that I can hear but can't understand. Here I can understand everything. Thank You Powers That Be !!!!

I just got a bit bold and sent an invite to a few selected friends who I thought might be interested in following me. If your here reading this, I hope you enjoy it. Let me know. Thanks.

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Debbie said...

Mom, too bad you didn't know how to create a blog years ago. I think you could be very dangerous with this, lol How about sharing some of your wonderful recipes on here. This is your own little newsletter. You have such a wonderful flare for writing. This is a wonderful avenue for you to communicate, where it's hard to talk on the phone.