Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday Evening Meanderings

Hi there and I know I am probably talking to myself, but that's OK as I really do enjoy my own company.

I got the best tip today regarding relaxing the curl in circular needles.

If you haven't used your circs in a while, they definitely tend to curl in a most annoying fashion. If this happens to you, simply fill up a deep bowl with hot water, and immerse those needles (not the tips of course if they are bamboo) and let them set for a while. When you take them out and dry them off, they are totally relaxed and much easier to work with.

This was one of my chief complaints about working with circs. They just seemed to be so cumbersome. Now, no more. Round and pliable.

I find myself using circs whenever the pattern calls for 14" needles. I don't like them anymore. I can tolerate the 10" but the long ones seem to end up in limbo when I am changing the position of the yarn, like going from knit to purl, etc. The circs are comfortable and my arms and shoulders feel much better after I have knit for a long time with the circs. Even my hands feel better. My favorites are the Aero and Bamboo.

You must remember here that I am also a quilter and very good at it, if I don't say so myself. Just in case anyone looks in, here is one of my favorites.


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