Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Life Change Coming Up...

I hope I don't bore you all to tears, but I will be going through a possible total life change on April 30th.  As some of you know I am extremely hard of hearing and that problem has gotten worse in the last year till it's almost impossible to understand the spoken word and I am withdrawing further and further away from contact with most everyone except family and close friends.  Thank God for my iPad and my Closed Caption Captel Phone and my quilting.!!!!   

I have worn a hearing aid since I was 27 years old, 79 years young now, and  as the hearing slowly receded I reverted to wearing an FMStereo system about 6 years ago.  This worked for a while, but now, it is beyond being acceptable so my next recourse is a Cochlear Implant if I want any betterment (is that a word? ) to my quality of life, which I certainly do.  My brain is young, my hands are nimble and I'm agile enough for my age to not want to curl up and hibernate for what time I have left because I can't hear.  It's time to socialize and enjoy the rest of my life.  

The result of this, after 3 years' consideration, is that I am scheduled to have a Cochlear Implant on April 30.  I am writing here on "The Meanderings" to bring hope and Faith in the Almighty to anyone that is going through what I am right now.  So....I'll write and update you all as things progress and hopefully, if everything is successful, a celebration worth celebrating!!!!

I may be able to hear the spoken word again, enjoy a movie and TV without captions, listen to a good thunder storm, hear my music again, hear my great grands voices, hear the birds sing, oh...the list goes on and on....just things  you get used to not hearing as your hearing gets worse, and worse, and worse.  There is hope and I'm going to share that process with you.  If it doesn't work, then we will grieve together.  

I have had my tests and shots and everything is set to go.  I'll get back to you on June 1 and let you all know how things went.  I won't know if it is successful until one month of healing has gone by and they are able to activate the implant that they have implanted in my brain.  If  you are not aware of the implant process, just Google Cochlear Implant and read all about it.  Dr. McReyolds has done 1700 implants with a 95% success rate.  So, I'm very hopeful that all will go well.  If you are so inclined, please say a prayer for me and let's all hope for the best.

Later my friends, and thanks for stopping by.


Nancy said...

Prayers for you for a wonderful outcome.

Astrid said...
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Astrid said...

You are in my thoughts. Hope it all goes well.

Pamela said...

Praying for a successful surgery!