Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Meanderings on Homemade Soup

Click Here for the recipe for the soup pictured above.

Soup can be ... Amazing, good, just okay, and the worst of all "blah". This post will not promise amazing, but will definitely make "blah" go away and hang it's head.

What we're looking at here is how to get more "Bang" for your buck, so let's get on with it. The following are random thoughts on how to improve and enjoy Your soup making efforts.

*** Brown those veggies in oil or butter before adding to your soup. Definitely improves the flavor of the finished dish.

***. Salt is a must have. Start with a tablespoon and go from there. You'll be amazed at how all the favors jump out at you with just a little additional salt.

*** Soup always tastes better the day after.

*** Try preparing the ingredients the night before, especially if your using a slow cooker. Chop and brown your veggies. Bag them. Bag your spices. Saves some time on the day of the actual cooking. If I have meat in the soup, I brown that also, bag it and then add a bit of water to the pan and swirl around to pick up any browned bits and pour this over the meat in the bag. A lot of flavor in those little bits.

*** My favorite, freeze those leftovers. One of the great joys of making a big pot of soup is that you almost always have leftovers. I freeze in individual portions in quart size freezer bags. They don't take up as much room in the freezer, but plastic or glass containers work well also. In a hurry, pull out what you need, micro and enjoy.

Potatoes do not freeze well. Consume on the spot. You can keep soup in the freezer from four to six months, but taste best if used within two months.

Do not reheat soup in the slow cooker. Thaw the soup and reheat it in the micro or on the stove top. I thaw in the micro on 30% power and reheat on 50% until hot. Reheating on high overcooks and dries out the contents.

*************** could your soup be better? *****************

I hope you enjoyed these tips some of which have to be credited to Lynn Alley's book "50 Simple Soups for Slow Cookers.

See you next post.

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