Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Many of You Should Relate

A friend said, "I am having a very difficult time explaining something things to my husband and son (for some reason my daughter gets it), and here's my list of assorted issues".

1) That a person who knits or crochets or works with fibers, always has many projects going at one time; and if not many, than at least more than one. He thinks I need to start one, finish it, and move on to the next.

2) He just cannot grasp the idea that regardless of where I am, or where I go, I keep an eye for yarn, especially yarn on sale. He cannot, CANNOT understand the difference between Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and JoAnn Fabrics, and then on the way home, I want to stop and see what's new at the "yarn store"!

3) He doesn't understand how I can work on one project for an hour or two, and then switch midstream to another one, and then, when I get my newsletter, I peruse pictures and patterns, and may even start ANOTHER one!

4) He doesn't understand how, he can purchase me a four drawer cabinet for Christmas, and I'm now complaining that I've run out of room for my yarn and needles, and such.

5)He doesn't understand how, when I am my most upset, or frustrated to tears with a problem, that I can sit with my knitting for a little bit, and sort out all the other problems in my life. He can't see that all the issues in my life are wrapped up in skeins of beautiful colors.

6) He doesn't understand why, if I have a pair of size 7 Aldi circular needles, why I need a pair of size 7 Clover Bamboo straight needles, AND a pair of size 7 Aldi turbo lace needles!! (You can interchange size here, and it all applies).

7) He also doesn't understand why I need crochet hooks AND knitting needles if they are two crafts.

Has anyone else experienced these issues with their partners/husbands/wives/etc? Because I am about ready to lose my mind with explaining these issues, and yet, as soon as I complete something he is the first to:

1)Take a picture of my work and post it on HIS blog

2)Tell everyone at work that I know how to knit hats AND gloves, AND takes orders (UGH make him stop!)

3)Admires my ability to knit AND get dishes and laundry done, AND complete a university degree all at the same time

4)Proudly wears the first thing I ever made and completed; a scarf with dropped stitches, lost rows, knots, and goes from 37 stitches at one end, and ends with 27 stitches at the other! It resembles something like a triangle, which I told him was part of the pattern! (shhhh)

I just don't understand this species of human who does not love this art form. Please my fellow fiberfreaks.....help me with your support and comments so I can show I am within an ENTIRE WORLD of friends who do the very same thing. This is not simply a problem within the US border.

Thanks much, and know I love you all for your continued encouragement!
Credit goes to :  Loves to Knit's Daughter
Kettering, Ohio

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So true. Great post.