Friday, February 27, 2015

The Story Behind the Quilt

I get asked so often "Where do you get your patterns from?"  Good question.  I love to glance through magazines and mail catalogs and have gotten many of a pattern from them, bought patterns occasionally, but the biggest source is the Internet.  I spend many a happy hour perusing the web and checking out my favorite web sites but the best quilts and ideas come from fabric manufacturers who give their patterns away free (oh how I love free) to advertise their new designs.

I have been quilting long enough now though that I can usually just look at a pattern and visualize it in my colors and set down with a graph pad and draw up either a block or a whole quilt.  It's such fun and an enjoyable way to spend an hour or so over morning coffee or a glass of wine in the afternoon, which brings me to where I found the quilt that I just finished making.  Where you ask?  Well....Hanging on the wall of the ladies room stall that I was occupying.  I happened to glance up and there was this lovely sampler quilt and I was immediately drawn to it.  There were lovely quilts hanging in each stall 😳The next week when I went to my Wednesday afternoon Bee I took my iPad and snapped a picture of it as it had been messing with my mind since the day I saw it.  

I came home, printed the photo and blew it up so I could see it a bit more clearly.  There were 20 squares which I cut up into 20 pieces and went to town with it.  Actually I didn't go to town, I attacked my stash and came up with a jelly roll that would totally do the trick.  I love working on coordinated fabrics.  Two months later the 20 squares were done, every one different.  There are a few repeat designs but all the colors are used differently.  It was an amazingly fun quilt to piece and watch those squares come to life.  I've tried to name it, but can't come up with anything and I doubt the "Quilt 'n Sew John"  would be appropriate.  😣  So here it is for all to enjoy.  If you like it as much as I do, you can find it on my Etsy shop at

Pretty, isn't it?  

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