Friday, March 2, 2012

Twirly Fun Scarves

Everyone is making fun, twirly scarves, so of course I had to make one.  Did I say one?  I am on my sixth.  All different, all beautiful and with a life of their own.  They all take different needle sizes, all have different loop sizes, from huge to tiny, and they all are alive.  By that I mean, they curl and twirl even before you knit them and that curl is a pain in the butt. 

My lovely LYS lady told me how to remedy that.  She said, verbatim, "before you start, unroll the yarn carefully and reroll it around a toilet paper core."  Sure it takes a while, but the time it saves is beyond saying.  You can unroll a bit at a time and it is so much easier to uncurl the roll than try and uncurl the actual yarn.

The yarn is Rozetti Marina Multi in Butterfly Bush and is just the best of all the yarns I have used so far in making these scarves.  The loops are perfectly sized and the size 9 needle is lovely to use. 

More Later.......

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