Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Different Charity for You

I have always admired folks who are so good to knit, crochet, or quilt for Charity purposes.  There are older folks in nursing homes, premies in the hospital, children who have been burned or hurt and rescued.  I will be honest and tell you that I have have only given to one charity and that was three afghans to Victory Junction.  We visited there a year or so ago and I was so impressed with the work that was being done for those poor sick but capable children. 

Click here for the link if you are interested.

But last night I came across a charity that is close to my heart and that is abused and homeless animals.  They are so helpless and so sad and I wish I could bring them all home.  If there was a shelter closer to where I live I would volunteer my services to help out in any way I could.  The Snuggles Project is the result of a lot of people who love and tend to these poor animals.  The only thing I can do right now is send you all the link to the information about it.  I, for one, am going to start making snuggles using a load of stash yarn that I feel couldn't go to a better place.  The site has a lot of patterns to chose from but I'm finding some of my dish cloth patterns will work very well also.  Well, here's a bright idea......You ladies that are getting tired of making dish cloths, just keep making them, only make them bigger and you have a Snuggles.  The sizes desired are approximately:

          14 x 14 For a cat or kitten
          24 x 24 For a large cat or a small dog
          36 x 36 For a large dog

The one I am making now is going to be about 30 x 30 and it is all garter stitch with a twist.  Simply knit into the back of every stitch.  The effect is quite nice and easy to do.  No counting which is nice for a change. 

Quoted from the Project Site:

"The Snuggles Project is well-known as a multi-beneficial project. The first, and most important, benefit is to the animals. After being given a Snuggle, a frightened and/or difficult to handle animal is able to become calm. This calming effect gives the animal and the caregiver time to learn how to handle the situation.We believe that this calming effect has saved the lives of many newly sheltered animals."

"The Snuggles Project is a multi-beneficial project. It is beneficial to the animals who receive them for physical and psychological comfort. It is beneficial to the shelters who can present a more homey atmosphere and adopt more animals.  It is beneficial to the Snuggle maker who receives the warm feeling that comes with doing good work to help others."

Please check here to read all about the Snuggles Project.  Thanks

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