Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Meanderings about Socks vs Knee Highs

Warm thoughts on a cold December night.  You know I was just thinking about wearing socks versus knee highs under my slacks.  Now isn't that a fantastic thought? :)

I haven't worn socks in nigh onto I don't know how many years, always wore knee highs until a couple of years ago when I had surgery on my leg.  It turned out to be a cancerous melanoma and they had to take quite a bit out to clear the problem, which left me with a large scar, but the area was cancer free, for which I say "thank God for small mercies".

Why I'm mentioning this is that since that surgery I could no longer wear knee highs as the bands always ended up just where the scar was and that was mighty uncomfortable, but I was getting pretty cold feet.  Well why don't you wear socks was the general opinion, but the elastic in the sock tops made my legs swell and that didn't feel all that good either.

Daughter to the Rescue!!  I want to say a special thank you to my daughter, Debbie, for making me a pair of hand knitted socks with a loosely knitted bind off.  They are wonderful.  They are warm.  They are my most prized possession.  "Need more chiken"? , heck no ..."Need more socks" !!!!

In my meandering mind, I can't help but wonder if I got the message across to that very sweet talented lady.

Here is a picture of the wonderful socks that she made me.  They go so well with jeans and the beige pants I wear to work.

Cozy Socks

Now, as a closing did I find out I had a problem in the first place.  You are going to love this..  I had an appointment with my ear doctor and he had just finished his exam and as he was going back to this computer he noticed a mark on my leg.  (I had crop pants on)  He stopped dead and said, "What is that mark on your leg?"  I said, "I don't know, it's been there several years.  Just a flat brown mark that never got any bigger nor changed in any way."  "Really didn't think it was anything to worry about".  He said, "I don't like the looks of it" and immediately went to his desk and got a tool and jabbed it into my leg and said, "I'm going to send this for a biopsy.".  And thus the story.....and the warning.....Beware of unusual marks on your body.  Think Pink!!!!  Thanks for your interest in reading this.  Carolyn

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Quiltdeb said...

I got the message and you may be sorry. Socks are my new mindless passion and you may have to tell me to stop sending them to you! lol More socks on the way!