Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Present

Way back when I started this Blog I had started a whimsical hat for my daughter-in-law for her Christmas gift.  I finished it today and thought I would share it with you before I sent it to RI.  This is going to be her Geo Caching Hat so she says.  She picked it out and I complied.  The hat is Lamb's Pride Bulky Wool  from Brown Sheep Company, Inc.  The hat was easy.  Then I went on to learn how to make I-cords, spirals and perfected the art of pom-poms, thanks to a Lion Brand Pom-poms maker.  :) :).



Wish I had a Head to display the hat on, but ... well, used the only thing handy, a can of cashews,  fit just right.  :)  Leave it to me to be original!!!.  Oh and by the way, why did I have a bottle of cashews around?  Because I am making  our family's recipe for Snack Mix that we have made for ever and ever and it is a Christmas staple.  Nothing like the chex mix that is on the back of the box.  Oh yea, we use all the Chex mix, plus Pretzels, walnuts, peanuts and cashews, and of course those wonderful little round oat circles, Cherrios.  Where we are different is , we only mix lots and lots of butter and garlic salt and garlic powder to the mix to make one of the best snacks you will find anywhere.  After melding their flavors in glass jars for a week or so, we give them to everyone, doctors, neighbors, co-workers, etc. 

Here is proof positive that I speak no lies........... :)  Those flavors are developing as we speak.


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John said...

You could have always asked Dad to sit at the table with the hat on as a model. :)