Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Flannel Rag Quilt

This is a first for me.  A co-worker had made one for a friend's son going to college and brought it into work to show me and I fell for it,  hook, line and sinker.  Felt so nice, felt so warm and felt so "you gotta do this girl".  When I get that feeling, it's a go.  Wow, I thought, I have a grandson graduating from high school this year and going off to college in the fall.  This would make a great gift.  I checked with Mama and Papa Bear and they thought it was a great idea also but said it would have to be at least 6' plus long as he likes his feet covered :)

So, off I went to the quilt shop, having no flannel in the house, and spent a mint on fabric, but one has to remember that the initial yardage includes both the front and the backing.  It was an experience making, believe me.  When it was all put together and the rag cutting was done, I then had to take it to the local laundromat to wash and dry it three times to rag it sufficiently.  When it was done, it was definitely worth all the work and the quilt now resides on the bed for the winter months at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island.

Here it is in all it's six foot plus glory !!

JJ's HS Graduation Quilt

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