Sunday, August 15, 2010

Meandering Thoughts About On-Line Communities

I have joined three on-line communities this summer. Such fun, so many nice people, so many activities to share. My thoughts on these groups follow.

The first I joined was "Facebook". I lasted about three weeks and left. Was not my thing at all.

The second was "Ravelry", a knitting and crochet community which I dearly love belonging to. The activities you can get involved in are numerous, groups, forums, free patterns, and I especially like the Needles section. You can list every straight, short or long, needle that you own, circular needles, crochet hooks and the best thing is, if they are being used you can tell it what project that little ole needle is working on. I could go on and on. I have not found anything I dislike about Ravelry. I even belong to a quilter's and a cooking group there.

The last, just a week or so ago, I found "Quilt With Us" at Connecting Threads which is an on-line fabric shop with marvelous fabrics and prices and notions, etc. If you go there, look for the freebies and select Quilt With Us on the drop down menu.

I'm sure there are more out there, but just how many can one belong to? Just like, how many groups within each community can you actively belong to?

But, the one thing negative about the whole deal is the masking of the real person behind all those avatars. I find myself trying to figure out "is that puppy Ann or Anita", is that kitten Sally or Susan. Is the '30s siren Velma or Victoria and are the weird guys, Jackie or Judy? Oh my, such a dilemma. When you can't fight it, you join it .... so here is my avatar. She is my sweetheart, a blond Beagle named Annie Hall.

Maybe we'll run into each other somewhere :)

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Circle Square Quilting Company said...

There's a Yahoo group by Carol Doak you might like. She has free downloads every month for blocks and there's lots of discussion.