Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oh My. I'm Having Palpitations !!!!!

Palpitation's, Hot Flashes, you name it I've got it !!! ;) ;) ;)

This is a very big day for me. I started a lonely little blog a couple of weeks ago and much to my surprise, everyone seems to like it....

So, today, I went Public and added it to my profile on Ravelry and dear daughter, Debbie, has invited a few of her knitting friends to take a look.

I want to say "thanks" in advance to anyone who stops in and really hope you enjoy the visit and will decide to visit again.

Happy stitching, hooking and quilting.

Waving my sticks from NC


lorih910 said...

Enjoyed looking over your blog. I'm a quilter, so especially love your quilts!
I am a co-worker of your daughter, Debbie.

Nancy Jane said...

Glad you took the plunge to make this public!

I enjoyed reading this.


Prgove said...

Hi Carolyn!
I'm Patti and I'm one of Deb's knitting friends.Your blog is beautiful and delightful. I'll definitely be checking in from time to time.