Sunday, October 3, 2010

Prairie Paisley Ensemble

Time to show you another on of my Treasures. I made this in 2009 and it was a kit and a gift from my son. I think he thought I was going to give it to him? :) Would never have fit his bed.

It was an intense pattern and a lot of work. I broke down and long armed it and I was glad I did.

After I had the quilt on the bed, I decided I needed pillow shams and made them with leftover material. I had to order extra material to make the curtains to match.

Click on the picture to see a brighter picture.

Also see who else enjoys these pillows and a spot of sun :)


If  you haven't met this little girl before, let me introduce her to you.  Her name is "Annie Hall" and she is a three year old Blond Beagle who is the light of our life.  Speaking of light...if we can't find her,  we look for a spot of sun coming through a window and that is where we find her curled up and sound asleep in the sunrays. 

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