Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kals, Rals, and Cals....Oh My....

New language? No, not really unless you have never belonged to an interest group on the internet.

New to this, let me explain.....I have been a member of several groups in the past few years, among them, Yahoo Groups, more recently Ravelry and lastly, a quilting group on Connecting Threads.

Occasionally, these groups will host the following:

A Knit-A-Long (KAL) where we all work on the same pattern in our choice of yarn and color. Very interesting to see how everyone else's look and if there are problems you can discuss them with the participants.

A Read-A-Long (RAL) where we all read the same book and have discussions on content, etc. Really makes the book much more interesting.

A Crochet-A-Long (CAL) where your group all crochets the same project. It was at a CAL on Yahoo that I learned how to make my beautiful dish cloths. I also realize that making dish cloths is also a learning process of how to make lovely new patterns which can be adapted to so many other things.

Currently I am in a KAL with a Group on Ravelry and we are making a real pretty shawl called "The Acadian Shawl/Scarf". I couldn't get into the current RAL as I was 33rd on the list at the library :).

Well, now that you have learned a few new words, I'll say goodbye for now.
Catch you again?

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butrfly2200 said...

Can you tell me more about the Ravelry group.
What's the website, etc. It sounds interesting. Not that I need another group but it does sound like fun.